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Search Engine Optimization Packages: (SEO)



$300.00 Website Evaluation:

[1] Search engine spider view [2] Ease of navigating the site [3] Graphics load-time [4] Broken Links Check [5] Professional Look and Feel [6] Great Content/Spelling Check [7] Look at your Meta-tag titles and descriptions [8] Spy on the major players in your niche market and many other factors.

  • All of these factors play an extremely important role in SEO and your ability to give your customers a great buying experience. Top keyword rankings mean nothing if the design is bad or if the content is not engaging, something as simple as misspelled words will hurt your credibility.

What do I get? After the $300.00 evaluation above, your website is optimized to place on 1st page of Google. Composite of keyword phrases, critical title and meta-description will be provided to you so that it may be add it to your html code or if you do not know HTML, it can be done for you FREE OF CHARGE. (You are not on the 1st page yet! Only optimize your site to get there!)

Expert advice is also provided, on how to add content for correct keyword density by weaving keywords into content and related keywords [aka LSI]. If needed, recommendation of changes and/or corrections to the website will be provided to ensure your visitors have a smooth transaction. All of this for only $300.00!


$250.00 Back link building software and advice on spying on your top competitors so you can grab the same high quality one way links it took years for them to build and other top marketing methods that will work for you, for many years to come and they are all totally white-hat, no need to worry that the search engines will banish you. Three years of time consuming research- now available to you for $250.00


 ($.....depends on chosen key word/s)Price will depend on the key word/s you want to target. Estimate will be provided after website evaluation (preferred). If you chose to start without evaluation, an estimate will be provided per given key word; however, we cannot warranty the result. It's like shooting in the dark, 70% might work!

If you don’t have the time or interest to do, the back links and positioning your key words yourself, choose this option and we will do it for you.


Pay on results. You only pay 50% of the agreed fee until your Google rankings are accomplished.

Ex. You pay 50% down, once your website reaches 1st page you pay the remaining 50%.

 If however, we cannot take your website to the 1st page and you stay at 2nd page you pay nothing else, other than the deposit. We both split the risk 50/50; however, you being on the 2nd page still bring you business!


No money down. You pay only after you get on first page. This option = 100% my own risk and usually it cost you @60% - 80% more.



Q: How much does it cost?

Prices start from as little as $100.00; however for a personalized quote I need more info.

Q: Can we split the initial payment over time?

Yes, every agreement is devised to best fit each client’s budgetary requirements.

Q: How long does it take to get on 1st page?

In most cases for new websites it takes about 1-3 months for Google to index the new optimized content and cache new high quality back links. Older more established websites 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the competitiveness of the keywords (only 2-3 weeks difference)

Q: Which search engines do you research and why?

We optimize for Google, that's where the searches are. Our software was custom designed for Google, however most sites that we SEO, rank well in Yahoo and the other search engines as well - see list below.

We are asked to go after really tough keywords sometimes and we are always brutally honest. DO YOU WANT GOOD TRAFFIC or NO TRAFFIC?  We are straight shooters and will leave no stone unturned to get you the ultimate keywords.

Q: My website is new can I still get good rankings?

Yes you can, we can still find your niche in the market. There are still good traffic keywords in your industry because your competitors can't cover them all.

We optimize for Google because they cover 70% of All Daily Search Traffic! You will still benefit from smaller engines/directories. We just tightly focus on Google.

Yahoo, MSN, Live and Bing unofficially run together. And this is the reason why we can afford to ignore them. After our SEO many times they will rank your website higher and faster than Google.